All Saints Episcopal Church in Parma, Ohio
All Saints
All Welcome
We Are Fully Wheelchair Accessible!

Eligibility to Receive Food

Please enter the building through the door with an awning near the West Ridgewood parking lot entrance. The door is open at 7:30 AM.


We begin distributing food at 9:00 AM sharp. We will call you by number in groups (for example: 1-15) and lead you out to the food line. I hope you still have your ticket!
If you have trouble carrying food through the line and getting it to your car, ask for help. We have several able-bodied people who are happy to help you out.
Above all... Have Fun! 

Proxy System

​If you have a disability that prevents you from attending, we have a proxy system that allows your designee to pick up food for you. Please ask about this at the registration table.

Other Offerings

​Occasionally other groups join us to distribute food and other things you can use. They may also require you to register if you want their stuff.

We have a number system for food recipients. When you enter the building you will be given a numbered ticket at the kitchen. There is only one ticket given per household, so don't lose your ticket!

Our cheerful volunteers at the registration area will call numbers in order. Your household will be registered into the PantryTrak system used by the Greater Cleveland Food Bank. Your information is secure and will not be used for any other purpose. 

While waiting for your number to be called for registration, please enjoy some coffee, soup, and a game of cards or checkers.

There is no residency requirement to receive food at The Pantry at All Saints, but you must have a valid photo ID. 

To be eligible, a 1-person household must have a maximum monthly gross income of $2,023. Add $720 for each additional person in the household. You declare your income eligibility by registering - no proof of income is required. Income eligibility is adjusted every year in July.

Food is given to households, not to the individuals in the household. Please: Do not waste our time by trying to register more than once for the same household.

Once registered, you may continue to sit in the hall (which gets very crowded!) or you can sit in our comfortable church.

We also have a clothes distribution every time we distribute food.