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Confirmation/Reception/Reaffirmation of Faith
“In the course of their Christian development, those baptized at an early age are expected, when they are ready and have been duly prepared, to make a mature public affirmation of their faith and commitment to the responsibilities of their Baptism and to receive the laying on of hands by the bishop.” The Book of Common Prayer p.412

Confirmation in the Episcopal Church is the acceptance of the baptismal vows made by parents and godparents at an early age. This sacramental rite takes place when a young person is able to understand and wishes to make the promises in the baptismal covenant for him or herself. The Bishop Confirms candidates by the laying on of hands, usually during the Visitation to the parish, at which the Bishop also preaches and presides at the Eucharist.

Those who have been Confirmed in another denomination and who wish to become Episcopalians are Received into the church by the Bishop through the laying on of hands at the same liturgy.

Preparation for Confirmation or Reception takes place in the weeks before the Bishop’s Visitation and takes the form of a series of classes.

Those already confirmed as Episcopalians who wish to participate in the classes for renewal of their knowledge and faith may make a Reaffirmation of Faith in the presence of the Bishop and receive the laying on of hands.